Food cutting

This machine allows us to make cheese wedges with exact weight, based on a round format. You can also make cut lines exact weight on square or rectangular format.

Cheese is heavy on the load cell of the machine and once memorized the same, depending on the weight you have set for each wedge, making the cuts will.

In case of leakage of the product, the customer can choose by the program if the decline partitioned between different wedges or if discrimination.

Ultrasounds are ideal for cut and sliced in Rulo goat cheese, as with the conventional system, the product is deformed and adheres to the blade.

In this video you can see the cleanliness and precision cutting, without loss or deterioration.

This line is used for ultrasonic I cut pates, cheeses and pastries loop format. The production can be increased as desired by the customer, online by simply incorporating more ultrasonic cutters and extending the width of the tape.

Cutting formats can be easily modified using the touch screen which incorporates.